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LeBreton Law P.C. Inc. empowers your rights, offering tailored legal solutions for a personalized, stress-free journey through the legal system.

At LeBreton Law P.C. Inc. Our reputation precedes us.

LeBreton Law P.C. Inc. takes pride in delivering tailored, high-quality legal services. Our skilled lawyer ensures success, guiding clients through the legal system with a commitment to excellence and meticulous attention.
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Solving issues with great attention since day one

At LeBreton Law P.C. Inc., we believe in providing personalized and effective legal solutions to our clients. We understand that every case is unique, and we take the time to understand our client’s needs and concerns

Whether you need assistance with a legal matter related to your business or personal life, we are here to help.

Our Practice Areas

We assist you with a legal matter related to your business or personal life.

Criminal Defense

For effective legal defense in criminal cases, turn to our dedicated lawyer. From drug offenses to theft and more, we prioritize your rights and offer tailored solutions. Schedule a consultation today.


Unlock Canada’s doors with our immigration law support. Our lawyer guides you in family sponsorship, skilled worker programs, and business immigration. Tailored solutions for diverse goals. Start your Canadian journey confidently with us.

Wills & Estate

Secure your legacy with our comprehensive wills, estates, and probate services. We help draft clear wills, offer estate planning advice, and guide you through probate applications for a worry-free future. Contact us for more information.

Civil Officiant Services

Planning your special day? Our experienced civil officiant creates meaningful, personalized ceremonies that reflect your love and values. From crafting vows to handling legalities, we ensure a stress-free, memorable event.

Corporate Law Services

Navigate corporate complexities with our lawyer’s expertise. From business formation to exit strategies, we offer comprehensive representation. Tailored solutions protect your business interests and achieve your goals. Contact us today.

Alexandra Lebreton

Alexandra is a highly skilled lawyer with extensive experience in the legal field. Alexandra’s passion for helping others and extensive legal experience make her a valuable member of the legal profession.

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